Tourism in Turkey

Turkey, in which history, culture and experienced in touch with marvelous natural beauties, is one of the most precious tourism centers of the world sustaining these characteristics until today


Grandbazaar Tradespeople are Having Hard Times

Recent political crises experienced have negative impacts on the country tourism. In the first three months of the year, 20 percent decline took place in the number of tourists.


What is the Rate of VAT’s in Housing Industry?

Value Added Tax (VAT), in general terms, is a tax which is paid by the buyer to the product/service provider when the product or service is delivered. Situations/transactions that generate VAT are clarified in the related law and they are, in general, del


Real Estate Appraisal in Mega Projects

When Mega Projects Istanbul data that is prepared by the support of Istanbul Freelance Architects Association are reviewed, it can be observed that 32% of explained projects are in the transportation domain classified by taking the project functions 


Where are we in Energy Sector?

Depending on the increasing world population with a rapid increase and improving industry, energy demand is increasing and based on this, value scissor between existing energy production and consumption is expanding.


Attention to Turkey is not Reflected in Numbers

General Manager of Piyalepaşa Real Estate INC. Kaan Yücel make a statement that “Most people come to Turkey and state their attention and when looking at the numbers, you cannot see this attention.


Appraiser Contribution in Project Development Process

When the scale of real estate property investments keep getting bigger, it is inescapable to conduct a feasibility study.


Impacts of Mega Activities on the City

The concept of large-scale activity is defined in general that is widely acclaimed, popular and cultural, commercial and/or sport-oriented activities which are of capital importance internationally.


Impact of the Recently Encountered Politic Crises on Sultanahmet Region Tourism

In this article, I am going to present a research about recently encountered politic crises on the Tourism of the Sultanahmet Region. However, before, from this perspective, I want to present historical process of tourism sector in Turkey briefly.

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