“Hormoni” Touch to Okmeydanı

“Hormoni” Touch to Okmeydanı

As everyone knows, İstanbul is an earthquake-prone city. Okmeydanı which is one of the oldest districts of the city takes its place among the zones having the highest earthquake risk. Buildings here were constructed beyond control in terms of the property problem. Many of the buildings are aged over 50. This place should be prepared for the big earthquake that is expected to take place at an unknown time. Here, in this scope, Okmeydanı Urban Transformation Project is going to be carried into effect. 

Since the Urban Transformation Law was enacted, the transformation of the Okmeydanı was actually being considered. However, very slow steps were taken in terms of the citizen concerns and real estate deed problems. But, this district, in which there are healthy buildings in a minute amount without legislative harmonization with the earthquake regulation that was enacted after the Marmara earthquake, should be transformed as immediate as possible. Because infrastructure of the Okmeydanı is inadequate. There are streets where fire trucks cannot enter. During an earthquake, it is impossible to evacuate the citizen from the existing road network and even impossible to intervene in the wreckage. Earthquake is with very high level in both the buildings of Okmeydanı and in the whole of the district. Newly prepared reconstruction plan opens a way of constructing earthquake resistant buildings, even establishing a safe city against the earthquake.

Within this scope, Municipality of Beyoğlu solved the 50 years-long reconstruction problem in the first place. In Okmeydanı, on the one hand, the process of title deed registration continued, on the other hand preparations for transformation are completed. After the project design was fulfilled, the urban transformation work was assigned to KİPTAŞ. KIPTAŞ started to work immediately. The first step was to determine the values of the buildings in the zone.

Buildings of the Okmeydanı which will be one of the most precious districts of Istanbul have been performed by the Harmoni Real Estate Appraisement And Consultancy Inc. as a whole.

Aysel Aktan, the board chairman of the Harmoni, stated that the work done in Okmeydanı is the biggest urban transformation project that is carried into effect in Turkey up to today. By pointing the importance of the giant project in which 5 thousand 500 buildings to be destroyed and rebuilt, Aktan mentioned that the resident citizens living in the province will have a healthy life in safe buildings.

We have asked Aysel Aktan about the urban transformation studies and the studies carried out by Harmoni until now and the Okmeydanı Urban Transformation Project. Here are the statements of Aysel Aktan…

Why urban transformation is important?

Zones and the buildings which are the subject focuses of the enacted legislation oriented in Urban Transformation are defined as “...in the areas under disaster risk and the areas and lands off those rigged with risky structures, improvements, discharge and renewals in order to constitute healthy and safe living environments that are appropriate for the science and craft norms and standards”

In our country, especially the buildings in the settlement centers are worn out and the buildings in the urban fringes are generally constructed inappropriately with the standards of science and health. For this reason, especially taking the expected earthquake into consideration around Istanbul, it is necessary renew the existing construction stock very rapidly.

What important projects have you involved in until today and what have you done?

In consideration with the large scale renovations / transformations until now, we took part in Tarlabaşı Urban Transformation Project in terms of both determining the values of the existing building stock and in the appraisal of the renewal project based on the distribution, in Ayvansaray Urban Transformation Project appraisal during the construction phase. In Fener-Balat Urban Transformation Project we involved in the valuation of overall situation. However, since the project phase was canceled, project phase could not be evaluated. In Fikirtepe Urban Transformation Area, Kadıköy, we have taken on the tasks of overall situation valuation for almost half of the various construction companies in the region with a scale of the building block and determination of the nominal values for the projects with functions as residences, offices, shops etc. In the neighborhoods of Ataşehir, Yenisahra and Barbaros, we have taken the task of current building stock valuation for a constructive company.

In addition, we have given a number of valuation service for many private individuals and banks in terms of both current situation assessment in building scale and determination of value-based land share consistent with the Property Ownership Law for the independent sections where the share of the land is defective in the other cities that are in the service area of our İstanbul branches.

Could you please give us information about Okmeydanı Urban Transformation Project? As Harmoni, in which part of the project you are involved, what are you doing within the scope of the project?

Okmeydanı Urban Transformation Project is a project that has been labored on by Beyoğlu Municipality for many years. The project covers approximately 25 thousand independent units on 5 thousand 500 buildings. As Harmoni, we have been assigned as a result of a tender made by KİPTAŞ to take part in the valuation phase of this project. The subject of the tender is the creating of valuation model in the first place, and determining the value of the existing usage in all the buildings complied with this model. Afterwards, measuring independent sections in the zone and determining the values for each of them separately. Finally, making the project nominal value on a distribution basis in a sample project area. Currently, site building measurements continue, and the valuation phase will be completed until the end of the year when is also the end of the tender period.

What is the significance of this project for Istanbul?

The significance of this project for İstanbul is that it is one of the transformation projects having biggest area of our country as well as it is very close to historic centers and places with historic value and it is a project that is carefully followed by Beyoğlu Municipality in all phases.

What is going to change in the lives of the people living in this region?

Since the region is illegally constructed on public lands and composed of unhealthy and old building stock, and therefore, it is an inadequate region in terms of education, nature, sport etc. and depending on this, technical infrastructure is also inadequate. A full scale transformation is targeted in the region. According to a construction plan that is prepared in consideration with social and technical infrastructure in relation with the needs of the population to live in the region, as an outcome of the transformation implementation, the people will find an opportunity to live in healthy and safe buildings with well-designed transportation infrastructure, green areas, sports areas and constructed education and cultural buildings.

What determines the current value of a house, a shop located here? At what criteria you focus on to determine the values?

There are two components of the present value of existing house, shop or office in the Okmeydanı Urban Transformation area: The share of the land and the cost of the construction on it. In addition, sales prices of the similar structures are also taken into consideration. While making analyses on all of these, the values of the buildings are evaluated by taking many criteria into account such as the location of the buildings, the topography of the location they are in, the public transportation points and distances to service areas such as trade, education and health, age of construction, construction quality and landscape capability.

What kind of a place will this be after the transformation?

After the transformation, Okmeydanı will become a modern, healthy constructed city part that has met its own needs.

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