What are the leading places for real estate investment in Ankara?

What are the leading places for real estate investment in Ankara?
There has been remarkable activity in the real estate sector for the past few years in Ankara. On the one hand, while there are urban transformations in many districts, primarily in Mamak and in Altındağ, on the other hand, office, housing and shopping mall projects are increasing repeatedly in places such as on Eskisehir road, in Çayyolu, Bağlıca and İncek.

As Harmoni, we discussed Ankara in detail and we got the real estate market to the bottom of the lens. According to our assessments, due to the investments that are located on and around Eskişehir Road such as public institutions, shopping malls, university campuses, colleges, business centers, residential-office mixed projects, hotels, etc., this center line and its around is the primary preference of the  investors.

Besides, Çankaya, which is the center of the city, takes its place of the most remarkable district in terms of real estate prices. In terms of housing prices Yenimahalle follows Çankaya and Yenimahalle is followed by Gölbaşı which is the Ankara's breathing district.

On the other hand, the Pursaklar and especially the Saray region have recently increased in value. The fact that Pursaklar is located on the airport route, on the protocol route and on the ring road axle is one of the outstanding features of the district. In recent times, the increase in the number of multi-storey site style buildings in the outer part of the center of the district and in the area called Saray has brought along a value increase in the same direction.

According to R.Volkan Kandemir, Ankara Regional Director of Harmoni Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting Co, there are three remarkable regions in Ankara, which are increasing in value. Kandemir points out that the axle of the Eskişehir Road and its surroundings, Bağlıca and Beytepe-İncek regions have recently been in the focus of investors.

Kandemir declared that one of the main factors that strengthen the real estate market in general terms in Ankara in the recent period is the increase in the density of housing and office projects everyday which are increasing in project and design quality and Kandemir also added that qualified projects have increased by widespread use of mixed business and life concept.

Analysis and evaluations of Harmoni Ankara Regional Manager Volkan Kandemir are as follows: "While it is observed that the residence and office investments in Ankara have increased especially in the last year, the same course is not observed in sales, and despite the investments are continuing, the sales on the projects basis is observed to be more stable.

While, until a certain period of time, in Ankara, with exceptions in housing areas there are relatively unqualified projects in the site concept, recently, at attractive points of the city, as a reflection of the passing of life to qualified mixed life projects and demanded, projects with more qualified social facilities in residential areas are carried out and it is observed that they are offered for sale.

Therefore, the situation of purchasing for housing and business office is not only in the direction of necessity of accommodation and work, besides this, many needs in entertainment, sports, recreation, cultural activities and etc. are carried out to be met. In general terms, this situation can be considered to be one of the leading factors of the dynamism of residential and office investments. "

Volkan Kandemir, attracts attention to some of the districts the value of those are increasing. Kandemir stated that many regions in the city are increasing in value at certain rates and these regions are more appealing to investors. He says that "I think it may be useful to mention a few regions that come to mind. These are Eskisehir road and its axle, Bağlıca and Beytepe-İncek districts".

Kandemir explains why these regions increased in value: "I do not think that only these regions have increased in value, however, I think these regions take their part in the first places. Reasons for this situation, it is necessary to evaluate each region within itself.

Eskişehir road axle and its surroundings;

The primary region in which the development of Ankara continues is the axis and the surrounding of the Eskişehir road in the west direction.

Basically, by looking at the last 10 years, we see investments of public institutions, shopping malls, college campuses, colleges, business centers, residential-office mixed projects, hotels, etc. that choose their places on and around Eskişehir road starting from Eskişehir-Konya road junction to the west. Due to these investments this axle and its surroundings is the first choice of investors.

On this axis, Çukramrambar Region has become almost an indispensable place of business life due to the fact that Çayyolu metro is opened at a very good point in terms of transportation facilities and recently completed and under construction office projects.

After passing Başkent University campus on the same axis in the direction of Eskişehir, on the opposite side of the Boulevard approximately only 1.5-2 km of landmark-office projects are under construction and there are many ongoing projects as well as completed projects. This region is a part of the immediate neighborhood (at south-east), which is generally a duplex villa type residential and it is region that includes commercial units. At the same time, there is also a lot of vacant lots. After the completion of the related complete residential-office projects, the value of this area behind it will increase.


Located on the border of Etimesgut and south of the district center, Bağlıca has recently undergone an incredible development with its closeness to the Başkent University campus and Eskişehir road and due to the existing boulevard connection. Although it is bound to the district of Etimesgut, it is perceived that it is bound to the Çankaya district, not only by its location, but also by the present settlement order, socio-cultural structure.

Bağlıca is a region where in general there are multi-storey site-style constructions, commercial units on the street are concentrated, and construction quality is generally high. Due to this, demand is increasing day by day. There are still a lot of empty areas in the area, and generally the process of building continues also. It is observed that the Bağlıca region still has not lost its value to investors.

In addition, Etimesgut Boulevard that is located between the Etimesgut district center and Bağlıca, the western part of Etimesgut Boulevard is mostly empty and this region is among the regions that can be evaluated for investors due to its closeness to Bağlıca.

Beytepe-İncek district;

Due to the reason that the boulevard linking Çayyolu and İncek districts was recently opened, qualified projects were started to be seen in Beytepe district. Related projects are marketed at high prices parallel to their location and quality. Although the current rate of construction in the region between Çayyolu and İncek is relatively small now, it will have a high occupancy rate over time and accordingly the region will become even more prominent. For this reason the region winks at investors.

When we briefly touch on the different regions; The Ankara Etlik Integrated Health Campus project, which is currently under construction in the Etlik district of the Keçioren district, has caused the prices to fluctuate in the region during the project period before the construction process started. The project is declared to include health complex, Health Sciences University, congress centers and commercial areas, high technology and R&D center, hotel, trigeneration system (system that allows energy to be used simultaneously for electricity, heating and cooling) and helicopter grounds and it is stated that the project will be completed in the year 2018. Although the project has created dynamism in the region, it appears that Etlik has become more dynamism in the retail market than offering new investment opportunities in the region because it is an old settlement that has completed the general construction of the area.

Yaşamkent Region located on the opposite side of Başkent University campus on the Eskisehir road is one of the regions that can be evaluated at every period although it does not offer the investment opportunities as in the period when the first construction started. Upper Yurtçu, which is connected to Sincan district between Sincan Çiçektepe and Eskişehir road, there are large cooperative lands. The fact that Çankaya University, which is located on the Eskişehir road of the region, is not in a very remote location, gives the region a position to be evaluated by the investors. While Haymana road and İncek districts in Gölbaşı are providing investment opportunities in the sense of field, plot, private residence and hobby garden, qualified multi-storey projects constructed around TED College campuses is also demanding. After determination of the location for the Ankara International Fair and Congress Center planned to be on the border of Akyurt district, it was seen as a general dynamism in terms of investment in the region, however, the region became stagnant because the project could not be started and finally the project was announced to be launched on 30 October 2017. In the event of a situation that is clear after the tender, it is thought that this situation could offer the opportunity to invest again in the region. "

What are the First 5 Districts in Terms of Housing Price Increase?

Volkan Kandemir declared that the districts like Gölbaşı, Etimesgut, Altındağ, Pursaklar attract attention to when considering the price increase rate in terms of square meters unit sales. In addition, he emphasizes that Çankaya, Yenimahalle and Gölbaşı districts are seen in the first place by considering the high prices,

Volkan Kandemir, who stated that Pursaklar is another city that attracted attention recently, stated: "When the districts with more centralized location in Ankara are taken into consideration, the Pursaklar district is located relatively close to the outer border. The fact that the Pursaklar district is located on the airport route, on the protocol route and on the ring road is the characteristics that make the district to be more prominent. The recent increase in the number of multi-storey site-style buildings in the outer wall of the center of the district and in the area called Saray has brought about the increase in value in the same direction.

What is the situation related to the Urban Transformation in the Capital?

Volkan Kandemir, who made a statement about the urban transformation activities performed in Ankara, also stated: "In the regions where the development process has been completed in general terms, urban transformation has taken its place as an activity to create new living spaces more suitable for the urbanization process. Mainly, by urban transformation, it is aimed to bring new identities to the fields of worn housing, industry and etc., to make transformation of these fields and bringing together the functions of the human element and the city in a more structural, cultural and recreational sense. In this process, building groups that have completed their life span are renewed and while they are being renovated, appropriate aesthetic and security solutions are also created.

The most sensitive point in the transformation process is that the process between the existing building groups and the new building groups that will be built after and process the will occur between the parties will be carried out fairly without any loss of rights. In this point, it is important to state and evaluate all kinds of rights in the process of urban transformation very clearly. Valuation of real estate’s become important at this point and studies are being carried out in order to distribute the rights of real estates within the transformation area in a fair manner.

In Ankara, urban transformation is being carried out in various regions and while there are projects in progress, there are also projects in the negotiation phase, in the detection phase and in the implementation phase.

Main projects are the following;

North Ankara Entrance Urban Development and Transformation Project

İskitler Central Business Areas Project

Ulus Historical Center Renovation Project

Hamamönü Urban Transformation Project

New Mamak Urban Development and Transformation Project"

What activities Harmoni perform in Ankara?

Centered in İstanbul, Harmoni Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting Co. has regional offices in Ankara, Antalya, Malatya, Adana, Samsun, Izmir and Çanakkale. The Ankara Regional Directorate, headed by Volkan Kandemir, also continues to perform its activities at a new address which it is moved recently.

Kandemir, regarding the work they carried out, said: "As Harmoni, we provide real estate appraisal report preparation services by both providing collateral and investment consultancy to the Banks, Real Estate Investment Partnerships, Construction Companies, Government Institutions and private individuals. Our regional office in Çukurambar in Ankara has been moved to the Mahall Ankara project on September 15, 2017 and we are continuing our work at our new address. "

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