What is a Real Estate Appraisal Report?

What is a Real Estate Appraisal Report?

A Real Estate Appraisal (Valuation) report is a report in which the value of a certain real estate or the right attached to the real estate, in any time period, is evaluated using scientific methods, and all factors that create / affect the value are analyzed by appraisers.

Where is a Real Estate Appraisal Report Used?

Banks, Public/Private Institutions and Organizations, natural persons may request a real estate valuation report. The transactions that will require real estate valuation can be listed as follows:

1- Determination of the purchase-sale value in case of a change of ownership
2- Determination of rental and sales value in leasing and leasing transactions
3- Valuation of real estate owned by the company/organization recorded in the accounting records in accordance with International Financial Reporting standards
4- Valuation of real estates in portfolios of publicly traded companies
5- Valuation of real estates in company assets in cases such as company takeover, merger and dissolution
6- Determination of the most efficient and best use of real estate for the right investment decisions
7- Insurance Transactions
8- Determination of the investment value of Real Estate Projects (Feasibility Studies)
9- Expropriation Procedures (Determination of the Expropriation Price)
10- Valuation of real estates in the portfolios of Real Estate Investment Trusts/Funds (REIT-REIF)
11- Guarantee transactions against real estate
12- Auction, liquidation value and scrap value determination.
13- Value determination made within the scope of the obligation to prepare reports on Risky Areas and Risky Structures by the institutions and persons licensed by the CMB in accordance with the implementation regulation of the Law No. 6306 (Urban Transformation Legislation).değerleme sıkça sorulan sorular - real estate valuation frequently asked questions

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