What is Project Valuation, How is it Done?

What is Project Valuation, How is it Done?

Project valuation refers to the analysis of investment projects to determine the benefits and costs of investments. Related to this, the analysis aims to decide which projects to choose and to determine whether an investment project will be implemented or not.

In other words, project valuation is a detailed study that includes investigating and evaluating whether any investment is practical or not. The study mainly covers research and evaluations on market, technical and financial issues. Also, in general terms, project valuation is a comprehensive process that determines the price of anything. This process can include valuing a variety of assets, from stocks, options and mutual funds to patents, trademarks and property.

Before starting any investment, entrepreneurs evaluate and analyze different factors such as the project environment, cash flows, profitability, risks, technical solutions, regional and social impacts and other necessary information according to the scope of the project.

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