What is Real Estate Tracking System?

What is Real Estate Tracking System?

Real Estate Tracking System (GTS), developed by Harmoni to make real estate valuation processes easier to follow, is a system that allows the management and tracking of real estate portfolio through a specially developed interface.

In particular, the management of a large number of properties in different locations, the follow-up of the guarantee transactions, the tracking of rental/sales prices and sales speeds over the GTS system allows easy tracking of investments and maximizing profitability. System; It provides great convenience in accessing and analyzing data by recording many data about the properties that you own or manage.

In the system where zoning plan changes, value changes, important infrastructure and superstructure decisions in the region are analyzed, possible risks and opportunities can be monitored in a timely manner thanks to our Turkey-wide operation.

For more detailed information: E-Real Estate Tracking System (GTS)

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